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It's more than a coat of paint...

Regular maintenance of your home includes much more than painting a room or two in order to freshen things up. While a coat of paint makes things look nice and new, there may be other issues building up over time. These things will get much more expensive to repair if left too long. Most of us are quite good at making sure our cars our maintained. We should be putting just as much focus on making sure our homes are in proper shape as well.

A planned annual or bi-annual maintenance check by me, your home inspector, can help identify possible problems with your main systems and components so that you can bring in an expert for that specific work. Your electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roof, structure and foundation are just some of the components that will get investigated to determine if there are any changes since your last inspection and document any concerns that will need attention. Hiring someone to come out and check each system and component independently would be quite the project and would cost you a lot more time and money.

Here are a few examples:

  • Your inspector may find find a leaking drain line in your attic HVAC unit. Getting it repaired quickly and at low cost, would be much better for you and your home. If not caught early it can damage the unit, possibly the whole system will need replacing($$$$), and even worse could cause water damage to your attic and the rooms and your belongings below it!

  • Your inspector may find damaged flashing on your roof. This could cause rain and and pests to enter your home and cause serious damage over time. The flashing, if caught early, is normally a low cost repair vs the work needed to replace drywall, paint, belongings and even the walls and floor if needed in the impacted area.

  • Your inspector may find a leak under one of your sinks. How often do we as homeowners actually look under them? Again if caught early, this is a low cost repair that will cost much, much more if not identified via a regular maintenance inspection.

  • Seeing a pattern here? Water in the wrong places can really destroy your home!

These are just a few of the numerous items that will be investigated during a regular maintenance inspection. Remember that while we are awesome people, home inspectors cannot see through walls or predict the future. We can see readily visible and accessible items at the time of the inspection and let you know of things you should repair or have a pro look at.

This article is by no means meant to be a scare tactic. I as a home owner have dealt with the fall out of not catching things soon enough, and also the benefit of knowing early and taking care of it easily. I am here to help if needed. Please call today if you have any questions 704-389-0599 or visit the rest of my site to research and schedule today. Book by the end of October and receive 10% off your first maintenance inspection by using the discount code THANKYOU22 when scheduling your appointment.

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